English to Spanish Adjectives to Describe Personality

Adjectives are words that determine nouns (person, animal or thing). For example:

The red book

El libro rojo

In this article you will find a list of English to Spanish Adjectives to describe people’s personality.

Personality adjectives are those adjectives that provide data on the personality of the subject they describe. They are used in subjective or objective descriptions that seek to convey the qualities, emotions, morals or behavior of a person.

Personality adjectives do not indicate a physical quality of the person. For example, if we say that Tatiana is skinny, the skinny adjective indicates a physical quality, and not of her personality. 

So if you want to expand your vocabulary in Spanish with a list of English to Spanish Adjectives you can find it below,. With this list you will know what  adjectives to use in order to rate the personality of someone and memorize words that you can use on a regular basis since it is common that we have to talk about the personality of people.

English to Spanish Adjectives List

ambicioso: ambitious
fastidioso: annoying
malhumorado: cranky
creído – engreíd: cocky
valiente: brave
despreocupado: carefree
descuidado: careless
cauteloso cautious
presumido: conceited
conservador: conservative
cobarde: cowardly
loco: crazy
cruel: cruel
alegre: jpyful
boring: aburrido
amigable: friendly
trabajador: hard-working
honesto: honest
amabl: kind
tranquilo: laid-back
perezoso: lazy
fiel: loyal
tacaño: stingy
modesto: modest
ingenuo: naive
cortés: polite
orgulloso: proud
egoísta: selfish
tímido: shy
terco: stubborn
comprensivo: sympathetic
falso_ two-faced
raro: weird

Types of Personality Adjectives in Spanish

According to the assessment made of the person, three types of personality adjectives in Spanish can be distinguished:

Positive personality adjectives. They try to highlight a quality or positive aspect of the person. For example: alegre, amigable…

Negative personality adjectives. They are used to mark negative characteristics or weaknesses of someone’s personality. For example: inseguro, terco..

Ambiguous personality adjectives. Its interpretation depends on the context. In some circumstances, these qualities can be positive while, in other situations, they are negative adjectives. For example: timido, extrovertido…


Placement of The Adjectives

The position of the adjectives is different from English. In English you put the adjective in before the noun or the thing you´re describing. In Spanish you put the adjective after the noun.

La cama grande

The big bed

cama: bed

grande: big


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