In this post you will find mexican phrases and slang words to survie in Mexico and understand locals

Mexicans have a very particualr way of expressing themselves  which makes their speech very rich and interesting.


Most Common Mexican Phrases

Qué padre!

It means that something is cool and awesome.

Me vale madres

You say this when you don’t care about something and it has no effect on you.

¿Qué onda?

Basic way of saying what’s up.

A güevo, a huevo 

completely agree.

Agarrar la onda

To understand something or to catch up with something.

A lo mero macho

Something that is done in a very masculine way.


Calm down.

Bajar las persianas, quedarse jetón

To fall asleep.

Un buen  

A lot.

Buena onda 

Someone or something that is cool.


The way in which mexicans answer the phone.

Caer de la patada 

When you dislike someone a lot or that person didn’t make a good impression on you.

¡Cómo crees!

Not at all.

No mames guey

Expression of surprise. Like the English expression no way!

No manches

Similar to the previous expression but less vulgar.

Ya valió verga

This situation is screwed.


Other Mexican Words

Antro: nightclub

Banqueta: sidewalk

Botana: snack

Chafa: something of bad quality

Chaparro/rra. short person

Chavo/va: young person

Checar: to check

Chela: beer

Chido/da: cool

Cuate. friend

Güero/ra. blonde

Naco/ca: someone tacky

Neta: true

Híjole: expression of surprise

Vato: young person


mexican person


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